Hurry! If you register before 30 June 2018, you are entitled to get FREE 6-month Directory Listing and 50% off Listing Price at RM120 per year.


  1. You must be a registered ANSARA Member and have Dashboard login account. To register as a new member or to get your Dashboard login ID, go to and follow the instructions there
  2. For existing members with Dashboard login ID, login at
  3. In the dashboard, go to Main Menu > Biz Directory > Manage Biz Listing
  4. Select your preferred listing packages and fill up the required information such as company details, profile, picture and other related information and submit the registration form
  5. During promotional period of FREE 6-month Directory Listing, your business will be listed upon submission of registration form for 6 months. You may extend the directory listing immediately or anytime before the end of 6 months period by choosing one of the Paid Directory Listing Subscription Packages offered in the list
  6. Payments for the Paid Directory Listing Subscription are online payment using your credit cards, online banking or PayPAL
  7. Your business will be listed in the category selected upon confirmation of payment



6 Month

  • 6-month Directory Listing
  • Limited Time Promotion


12 Month

  • 12-month Directory Listing
  • Normal price RM240. You save RM120 (50%)


24 Month

  • 24-month Directory Listing
  • Normal price RM480. You save RM240 (50%)